As the healthcare "decision-maker" you want the best pediatric dental care for your family, yet there's more to "care" than just a great smile. We call it "Smiles with Aloha," reflecting our family's Hawaiian island heritage.

You want a pediatric dental practice that:

  • embraces the newest, most appropriate preventive methods that reduce stress and builds confidence
  • operates with old-fashioned values like taking our time, explaining procedures and only doing work as necessary
  • has a staff who knows your family by name, creates a plan, and then consults with you before proceeding
  • understands the unique needs of everyone in your family and who enjoys a relationship with you
  • uses a conservative philosophy that always looks to cavity prevention as the best approach

You want a pediatric dental practice with a new-fashioned approach and old-fashioned values.

We take a very "new-fashioned" approach to your health. We use a conservative, preventive methodology that not only improves the dental health for you and your children, but also reduces stress, and eliminates unnecessary medication.

Plus, we are happily "old-fashioned". What we value has not changed much since my Dad opened the practice in 1963. We still believe in developing a relationship with you, smiling and calling you and your child by name, communicating honestly, and working as a team to consult with you to create the best preventive care plan for you and your family.

Our families are with us for twenty years or more on average, growing with us from childhood to sixty-something, have fewer cavities, have less stress about their visit, and have more of a can-do attitude about their dental health.

Meet Your Team

Dr. R. Brian Yoshida "Dr. Brian"

I have been practicing pediatric dentistry in the same location since 1986. I did my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, and received my DMD degree from Oral Roberts University School of Dentistry, in Tulsa Oklahoma. My post-doctorate specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry was completed at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. I practiced with my father for twenty-one years, taking over in 2007, when he retired after fifty-one years in service. Now I continue my father's "smiles with aloha" approach to gentle dentistry.

Q. If you were a Super Hero, what would be your Superpower?

A. I would like to be in two places at the same time; I could be at home with my family, and also at a 49er's game.

Q. What is your favorite kid's movie - the one that you still love to watch as an adult?

A. The Sound of Music

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time?

A. I like to garden, play piano, travel, exercise, walk my two dogs, (Noodles and Charlie), and attend 49er and Sharks games.




Hi, my name is Magdalena, and I’m the receptionist here. I’ve know Dr. Yoshida for over 10 years, working with him many times over those years. I’m the first person to greet you when you walk into our office. On behalf of all the staff at Dr. Yoshida’s office, we welcome you to our ohana (family). Please reach out and call me to schedule your appointment.

Q. If you were a Super Hero, what would be your Super Power?

A. I would have a magic wand. I’d love to have one to make everything right.

Q. What one famous person would you like to be?

A. Lady Di…she was inspiring and down-to-earth.

Q. What’s your biggest extravagance?

A. Eating by the ocean. It makes me peaceful and happy.

Q. When are you the happiest?

A. When I see my kids happy, I’m happiest. Their happiness is my happiness.



My name is Demetria, but everyone calls me Mechi. I started working in the dental field forty years ago as a registered dental assistant. I have been working at our office since 1989 as the business assistant. Ask for me if you have any questions about your account or insurance.

Q. What is your favorite kids movie- the one that you still love to watch as an adult?

A. Grease.

Q. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

A. I would be able to fly!

Q. What is your least favorite food?

A. Broccoli...no wait...Brussel sprouts

Q. When are you happiest?

A. When I'm at home with my family.



Hi, my name is Lisa. I have been a registered dental assistant specializing in pediatric dentistry since 1991. I have been Dr. Yoshida's assistant since 2006. My husband and I have a daughter who was born in 2014. We enjoy the outdoors, all kinds of music, and gardening. We also have two cats to entertain us.

Q. What is your favorite band?

A. Stevie Ray Vaughn

Q. If you were a super hero, what would your superpower be?

A. Staying awake all night...we have a new baby!

Q. When are you the happiest?

A. When I'm with my family.